Portfolio > Abstract Vehicles (5 of them).

A variety of vehicles, including submarines, rockets, motorcycles, starships, and more.

Rover Vehicle Sculpture
Upcycled Slide Projector, Upcycled Tires from Toy Vehicle, Upcycled Wood, Stained Glass, Glass Marbles, Copper Wire.
13" tall by 13" long by 9" wide.
Hand Vacuum Sculpture
Upcycled Mini Vac, Key Blank, Upcycled Wood, Stained Glass, Copper Sheeting, Copper Wire, Glass Beads and Marbles.
19" wingtip to wingtip, 18" long, 5" depth.
Bottle Rocket Hanging Sculpture
Upcycled Wine Bottle, Wood from Soundboard of Grand Piano, Wooden Spheres, Copper Wire, Glass Beads, Stained Glass.
20" x 8" x 8"
Hanging Submarine Sculpture.
Wine bottle, Stained glass, Pencil parts, Copper sheeting and wire, Upcycled wooden dowel, Small black bowl, Stained pinewood.
23" x 7" x 3"
Motorcycle sculpture, Hanging sculpture.
Stained Glass, Copper.
16" x 11" x 1/2"