Portfolio > Mandalas (11 of them).

Many of these represent the chakra energy centers in the human body, but I also have mandala-esque hanging sculpture with (for instance) wrenches, bark-faces and muffin tins.

Lion Head Mandala
Stained Glass, Sheet Copper, Copper Wire, Glass Beads, Upcycled Wood.
16" x 16" x 1"
Multicolored Mandala
Copper Tubing, Copper Wire, Sheet Copper, Stained Glass.
16" x 16" x 1"
Hanging Throat Chakra Sculpture
Copper Tubing, Stained Glass, Copper Wire, Upcycled Wood, Glitter, Piano Hammers.
22"across by 4" wide.
chakra sculpture, mandala sculpture
Copper, Stained Glass, Upcycled Wood.
16" across by 1" wide
Hanging Crown Chakra Sculpture
Copper Tubing, Stained Glass, Copper Wire, Beads, Sheet Copper
16" x 16"
Hanging Ajna Chakra Sculpture
Stained Glass, Copper Tubing, Copper Wire, Wood.
10" x 14"
Hanging Heart Sculpture
Upcycled Piano Wood, Stained Glass, Copper Wire, Oak from Found, Upcycled Drawer.
16" x 16" x 4"
Heart Sculpture Hanging Sculpture
Copper tubing, copper wire, stained glass, upcycled woood
18" x 18" x 2"
Throat Chakra Hanging Sculpture
Copper Tubing, Copper wire, Stained Glass, Upcycled wood.
20" x20" x 2"
Hanging Chakra Sculpture
Stained Glass, Copper tubing, copper wire, upcycled wood.
12" x 12" x 2"
Hanging 8th Chakra Sculpture
Upcycled Copper, Wood, Stained Glass.
15" x 15" circular.
Hanging Fish Mandala
Holy board from back of old TV, Stained Glass, Upcycled wood, Sheet copper, Copper wire, Stained Glass, Glass Beads, Spindle from Baby Crib.
26" x 20" x 5"
Mandala, wrench mandala, hanging sculpture.
Upcycled Wood, Wrench, Stained Glass, Copper.
16" x 16" x 2"