Portfolio > Creatures that are not Mammals (7 of them).

Dragons, frogs, slugs, insects, and other creatures that are not mammals.

Hanging Dragon Sculpture
Upcycled wood from a grand piano, sheet copper, copper wire, glass beads.
11" tall by 14" wide by 3" thick.
Dragonfly Sculpture
Stained Glass, Copper Wire, Upcycled Chair Dowel, Bouncy Ball.
9" wide by 3" tall by 9" long
Hanging Sea Turtle Sculpture.
Sheet Copper, Copper Wire, Upcycled Wood, Stained Glass, Glass Bead.
12" long by 6" tall by 3" wide.
Hanging Dragon Sculpture
Sheet Copper, Copper Wire, Stained Glass, Upcycled Wood from a Desk Drawer, Glass Beads.
18" x 11"
Hanging Dragon Sculpture
Upcycled Wood, Stained Glass, Copper Sheeting, Copper Wire, Glass Beads.
12" tall by 10" across by 2" depth.
Wooden Dinosaur Sculpture
Upcycled Piano Wood, Stained Glass, Sheet Copper, Copper Wire, Glass Beads.
28" nose to tail tip x 18" tall, x 5"
Bullfrog, Multimedia sculpture,
Green Floor Tile, Wood, Copper, Glass Beads.
9" x 5" x 4"