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Abstract Flower Sculpture.
Upcycled Wood, Copper Tubing, Sheet Copper, Copper Wire, Stained Glass, Upcycled Piano Parts.
17" tall by 16" across, by 13" across the other way.
Yard Art
Copper Tubing, Stained Glass, Thick Bark, Wooden Balls, Tiny Bolts
28" long by 14" wide by 10" tall
Abstract Branch Tabletop Sculpture.
Copper Tubing, Bark Chunk, Copper Wire, Stained Glass, Wooden Balls, Tiny Bolts.
25" long by 12" wide by 10" tall.
Organ Pipe Birdhouse
Part of Old Organ Pipe, Copper Wire, Stained Glass, Copper Tubing, "Go" Stones for Eyes.
16" tall by 5" wide by 6" front to back.

While I normally do birds, fish, mammals, and geometrical forms, I'm sometimes asked for plantlike "yard art." Here are a few pieces.