Portfolio > Creatures that are not Mammals.

Dragons, frogs, slugs, insects, and other creatures that are not mammals.

Hanging Dragon Sculpture
Upcycled wood from a grand piano, sheet copper, copper wire, glass beads.
11" tall by 14" wide by 3" thick.
Hanging Dragon Sculpture
Sheet Copper, Copper Wire, Stained Glass, Upcycled Wood from a Desk Drawer, Glass Beads.
18" x 11"
Wooden Dinosaur Sculpture
Upcycled Piano Wood, Stained Glass, Sheet Copper, Copper Wire, Glass Beads.
28" nose to tail tip x 18" tall, x 5"
Bullfrog, Multimedia sculpture,
Green Floor Tile, Wood, Copper, Glass Beads.
9" x 5" x 4"
Hanging Wasp Sculpture
Upcycled Piano Key, Red Wire, Stained Glass, Glass Beads, Copper Wire, Upcycled Hypodermic Needles.
11" long by 5" tall by 2" wide.