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Hanging geometrical sculpture
Stellated Octahedron with Black Clarinet
Copper sheeting, copper wire, upcycled part of clarinet, wooden beads pained black (oil paint).
13" x 13" x 13"

An octahedron is an eight sided figure composed of triangles. When all sides touch, it kind of makes a diamond. If all triangles are moved an equal distance away from each other and their corners are connected, you get an expanded octahedron. On this one, each of the connecting rods comes out in a "V" shape, known as a stellation. It's an obscure geometrical term coming from the word, "star." I chose to put part of a clarinet inside this one, and paint the interiors of all the triangles black. I also included black spheres, on wires "floating" within. This piece has good balance, and presence.